Saturday, June 4, 2011

Trip to Vrindavan

A few days ago, our volunteer from the US visited Vrindavan, an Indian city known for it's historical and religious heritage, with his friend who was traveling in India. The volunteer had much to say about the city, as we advised him about the different sites to see. The first picture was taken on the Yamuna River, one of the most important rivers in India. Justin ji, our volunteer, describes how on one level, it seemed so distant and isolated from the rest of India he had ever seen, yet the first picture also epitomizes how people very often compromise their own safety for the sake of completing a job as quickly as possible. We at Ek Koshish would like to raise awareness of safety concerns to drivers, or even civil engineers, to create safe and sustainable infrastructure with the welfare of Indian residents, or foreigners, at heart. Justin ji took the next picture on the Yamuna river as well, as the sight of turtles was a pleasant surprise! Ek Koshish's programs revolve around preservation of the environment and animals, and we would like to keep the public eye aware of environmentalist concerns. The last photo was a very rare and special photograph, taken in a garden of basil plants, or what we call "Tulsi" in Hindi. Being the most sacred plant in all of Ayurvedic Medicine, these basil plants are said to have existed for thousands and thousands of years. Observing the plants, they also have grown into majestic trees, which neither the volunteer, nor his friend, had ever conceived possible! They both remarked that the garden was, by far, the highlight of their journey! We are happy to have helped our volunteer and his friend enjoy seeing but some of the sites in the mystical city of Vrindavan!

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