Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy World Environment Day, or "Shubh Paryavaran Divas" (in Hindi)

On behalf of our team at Ek Koshish, we would like to wish everyone a "Shubh Paryavaran Divas," or Happy World Environment Day! In honor of this day, we have launched a new promotion today: The picture above is our plea for help, beseeching the public to consider our current state of affairs regarding the environment. The translation of our message reads, "Just think. People have started selling water in bottles. Why?" Then, the message reads, "Maybe shortly air too will be sold similarly. Why not?" The final part of the message calls on the public, "Come, let's all work together and make one attempt." Basically, we see a free, natural resource packaged for us daily, because of our consistent disregard for maintaining our precious bodies of water. Now, consider a future, when breathing through oxygen tanks will be as common a habit as drinking from water bottles. Though some may argue that the comparison of these two images is an exaggeration, Ek Koshish firmly believes that we must preserve our environment and be the change, or else pollution will drastically affect the world in which we will live in the future. We will be distributing the message as weather-resistant stickers for people to adhere to cars, windows, or other surfaces, so please let us know if you would be interested in spreading the word of our new promotion in honor of World Environment Day, and we would be happy to mail the sticker to you!

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