Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cow Shed

Today I visited a cow shed, or "Gaunshala" in Mawai, a village in Faridabad, Delhi NCR. It was very special to witness the reverence and care with which the laborers carry out their work. The operation was well organized, as the cow shed houses hundreds of bulls and cows, producing over 100 liters of milk per day, which tantalized my taste buds as I had never relished such fresh, delectable milk. The cows themselves struck me as very peaceful and humble creatures, with a distinct air of sympathy as they gazed into my eyes. As I pampered one of the many adorable baby cows, she neared me and relished the attention. Otherwise, the laborers were happy to see that an outsider was interested in their work, and expressed interest in showing me the ropes whenever I would like to stop by the area. I plan to make another visit soon to get my feet wet and learn more about these tranquil bovines. Don't forget to watch one of the workers as he milked one of these precious cows!

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