Tuesday, May 24, 2011

English Teaching Volunteer Impresses the Faculty

At the charitable school in Tigaon, Faridabad, the teachers have been very impressed with our volunteer's consistent work and contemporary methods for teaching the children English. In India, and especially in this school, most of the teaching encourages only students who can learn from rote memorization. Though rote memorization is extremely helpful, Ek Koshish feels that we can complement such methods with teaching for understanding the material as well, once enough material has been memorized. For example, our volunteer explained to us that he had asked the children to properly arrange the words in the sentence "There everywhere water is." When the first student responded, he started answering the question by saying "Water everywhere," when a teacher stopped him and said it was incorrect. The English teacher who assists our volunteer in all of the classes later explained to the other teacher, "Let the student make the mistake and think through the sentence. Then, Justin ji [our volunteer] explains what is wrong with their sentence, and lets them try again so that they can reach the correct answer on their own. This is how Justin ji teaches, so that the children can understand how to fix their own mistakes. It's been very helpful." The other teacher then observed him explaining to the child how to fix the sentence, and when he could make the sentence "There is water everywhere" she was very impressed! Let's see if he can keep dazzling the teachers with his performance!

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